As I look at this page I realize that I have not updated it in 2 years. It’s been a very busy 2 years making many records and many upgrades. Also, a global viral pandemic. Rather than detail everything now I will say that the pandemic summer was interestingly busy here. Tons of remote mixing, mastering, recording, even remote production. Like many now I’m set up to stream live the output from pro tools so remote sessions, remote mix revisions, even remote production is surprisingly smooth as the world adjusts to what is.

It also turns out that the above-studio apartment is a real boon. People can literally quarantine there and make their record. I did this in the spring/summer of 2020 with the fabulous Oren Bloedow. Great record on the way which I had the pleasure of producing, recording, mixing. Many remote tracks were delivered to great effect. I’ll leave it there and hope to update again sooner than 2 years.


Much great music has been happening here since last update, but the thing on my mind at the moment is the beautiful 1884 Blüthner babay grand piano that I just procured. Here’s a link to a picture: http://dannyblume.com/gallery/

This thing is glorious


Since last update I’ve hosted Nick Lowe and Los Straightjackets, PI Power Trio, Dylan Doyle, Big Takeover, Frank Bango, Medeski/Perowsky/Tronzo Trio, Chris Maxwell, Eric Redd, and many more


The new studio is in full effect and working fantastically well. Have a look at the pictures to get a glimpse. I couldn’t be happier with it. Working on new records from Gail Ann Dorsey, Elysian fields, Falu’s Bazaar, Eva Salina, Nabiyah Beh, Ben Perowsky, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Ghost Train Orchestra, Sunny Ozell, Billie Williams, Duke McVinnie, Dustan Louque, Irka Mateo, Jynkx Monsoon, Erick Montgomery, Ron English. More to come.


A lot has happened since the last update over a year ago. Hidden Quarry has moved, still right near Woodstock, and a brand new bigger better purpose-built studio with apartment attached is being built from the ground up. A fall 2016 opening is expected. While the big buildout happens, I’ve been making records at several different wonderful outside studios both locally and in NYC. I’m editing/mixing at a temporary studio I’ve set up in Kingston with the Hidden Quarry rig until it’s time to move in.

There are too many new things to post right now, but there will be a lot of new music on the Listen page soon including Duke McVinnie, Stumblebum Brass Band + John Medeski, Ife & Danny, Robinson & Rohe, Moondrunk, Klezmatics, Steev Richter, Ali Deneen, Billie Williams, Andrea Parkins, Ben Perowsky, and more. Stay tuned.


New records finished: Raven’s Sun by Catherine Maclellan, Book Of Rhapsodies by Ghost Train Orchestra, Almost Pretty by Jeremy Mage, Portrait Of The Musician As Forever Moonlight by Marc Sloan.

New records in progress: Ife & Danny, The Klezmatics, Eva Salina (including a recording safari into southern Serbia to record Roma musicians Ekrem Mamutovic and his band) , Irka Mateo, Steve Bergkamp. Samm Bennett, Dustan Louque. Also recorded guitar and some nice gigs with Duke McVinnie, Simi Stone, and Club D’elf.


The Falu record is being released soon and this wonderful interview and full record stream is playing on WNYC in New York. Click HERE to read, see, listen.


Mixed tracks for Billy Martin’s remix record of The Master Musician’s of Jajouka. These tracks featured Billy, Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Flea, Ayib Dieng, Falu, and myself playing acoustic bass along with MMofJ. A new Liminal record is in progress with a new lineup: David Baron – synths, D. James Goodwin – guitar, Danny Blume – guitar. This is the first Liminal record in over 15 years. I’ll post audio soon. Mixing in progress for Ghost Train Orchestra’s Book Of Rhapsodies to be released on Accurate. Mixed Curtis Hessalbring’s Number Stations released on Cuniform. Recorded Railbird from Brooklyn, recorded Catherine Maclellan from Canada.


Dustan Louque EP is ready for mastering, full length record to follow. Just finished Todd Clouser‘s record “The Naked Beat” to be release in February on Royal Potato Family. Basics were tracked at The Isokon, overdubs and mixing here at Hidden Quarry. Jill Stevenson‘s record “Games” is mastered and released. Hear some songs from Dustan, Todd, and Jill on the Listen page. Zeena Parkins and the Adorables debut is finished and being mixed by David Keene for release on Cryptogramophone. The second Ghost Train Orchestra record is recorded, basics done at Brooklyn Recording, mixing soon. More recording with Jeremy Mage, Getting started this month on the second Media record, basics recorded last year at Isokon with D. James Goodwin. Mixing new records for Curtis Hasselbring, Household Tales. Various live gigs with Mood Swing Orchestra featuring TK Wonder, Jeremy Bernstien, Falu, Ambrosia Parsley.


In progress now: full production for Jill Stevenson, Dustan Louque Wicked Knee . Additional production/mixing with Jeremy Mage. Played guitar on the new G. Calvin Weston record, and some nice live gigs for good measure.


Currently working on a new record with Zeena and The Adorables ( Zeena ParkinsShayna Dunkelman, Preshish Moments), Basic tracks recorded at Clubhouse and overdubs at my place. All new music with Billy Martin’s Wicked Knee (Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Curtis Fowlkes, Marcus Rojas). A gorgeous new soul folk record with Jill Stevenson, Continuing work with Dustan Louque and Shahram Shiva. I’m also producing 3 songs for a new K-Pop project. This month I’ll be upgrading to Barefoot MM27 monitors. This is a big deal for an audio geek like me. Busy times kicking off the new year.


Producing new music for the Medeski, Martin, Wood 20th anniversary album. Continuing production for new records by Shahram Shiva and Dustan Louque.


New music for Shahram Shiva, Amanda Jo Williams, Boy n’ Girl, my own album of fingerpicking guitar, and of course, the passing of the Apocalypse. Lots of really nice live gigs too, including several with Peter Murphy. Media and Dustan Louque continue.


A remix for Billy Martin‘s Wicked Knee.

Continuing with Media, Dustan Louque, Electric Illuminati, TK Wonder.

Starting new music with Boy n Girl. Several nice gigs with with Falu, Mood Swing Orchestra with TK Wonder, Jamie Saft’s New Zion Trio, and Les Bicyclette Blanche.

This is the month in which it occurs to me that most of the bands I’m playing live with have very long names.


Media recorded our second record at Isokon with D. James Goodwin at the helm. I’ll be absorbed in this for a while and will post the tracks when they’re ready. DJG rocked it, his place is great, and it felt good to focus on playing without engineering at the same time! Some pictures from the sessions can be seen HERE.

I mixed two songs for the new Elysian Fields record. Wonderful people, wonderful music. Release date is April 9 in Europe. I’ll post samples after that.

I’m co-producing and mixing new music with Dustan Louque, formerly of Louque and Royal Vagabonds. Check the listen page soon for new tracks.

I’ve been mixing, re-working, and refining a new record for Electric Illuminati: the rock project of  Don Goede and Ron English.

Working on new tracks with TK Wonder and Ben Perowsky.

Live gigs with Falu, Jamie Saft, Perowsky/TK.


The new Falu record is complete, mastered, and awaiting release. This record features a stunning array of master musicians recorded in India. Here in my studio and Magic Shop NYC we added Kenny Wolleson, John Medeski, Chris Wood, Ustad Danny Blume and others, along with Falu and her incredibly talented band and collaborators. Live shows are coming soon and I hear I’ll be playing acoustic bass with them.

I wrote ID’s for the Oprah Winfrey Network launch, recorded and mixed here in my studio. they’re on air in January.

I’ve been working with Lettie and Producer David Baron, writing and recording for Lettie’s new record, and writing and recording new tracks with TK Wonder and Ben Perowsky.

Grizzly Adamz (Jamie Saft, John Medeski, Ben Perowsky and myself) has continued, with new writing and recordings.

I got a song “Hot Stuff” co-written with The Specimen and Christian Castagno placed in the TV series True Blood and 2 songs, “Cotton Candy” co-written with Cazwell and Christian Castagno, the other “The Bear Song” co-written with Jill Sobule placed in the indie film Bear City.


Pre-production has begun for the new Falu record. I’m very excited about this one. It will be all acoustic traditional Indian classical and folk music melded with American forms to reflect the ancestry, present, and future of Falu and her collaborators, Gaurav Shah and Mark Tewarson.


Lots of nice gigs and recording this month at my place and other’s, as a guitarist, bassist, engineer, producer, including: The Wood Brothers, MSO, David Baron’s Ambient Works, Sarah Fimm, Jill Sobule, Grizzly Adamz , several ads including the guitars on this pretty thing.


A few nice live gigs this month:
Christina Wheeler, Vernon Reid, Danny Blume, Benton Bainbridge iin Concert

Grizzly Adams, featuring Jamie Saft, John Medeski, Ben Perowsky, Danny Blume.

Ben Perowsky‘s Mood Swing Orchestra

Playing a bunch of guitar on the upcoming Matt White record. David Baron Producing.


Mixing the debut record by the band Media, recorded live at my home studio in front of the cozy wood stove.

Zack Alford – drums
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass
David Baron – keyboards
Danny Blume – guitars

The release of the epic new Medeski, Martin, and Wood multimedia box set includes a Danny Blume remix of their song Undone. The remix features Falu on vocals. Listen to it in the discography section. Mixing Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra at my place.

Recording Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra at Avatar, NYC. A 10 piece 1920’s style orchestra, live. Beautiful stuff.

Writing session at my place with Hunter Valentine. We made a real nice recording too. Great band, check them out.

Gigs with Ben Perowsky’s Mood Swing Orchestra. Playing electronics.

Co-wrote/produced a Jill Sobule club track called The Bear Song, featuring a rap by Margaret Cho

Gigs with MSO, Club d’Elf, Sarah Fimm

Recording and mixing Gadelle

Creating large re-brand package of bumpers and IDs for Nicktoons.

Medeski, Martin, and Wood remix, featuring Falu.